Judicial Regular Courses

The aim behind this attempt has been, to deliver the best support to students who are focused and preparing for Judicial Service exam. Top-Quality study material is provided during the institute’s classroom courses. We offer 250+ lectures , classroom interaction with proper notes, doubt sessions, and guest lectures.

Judiciary Weekend Courses

Via Judiciary Weekend Courses, Academy aims to nurture the students with proper courses so that they can compete efficiently in various law related examinations. We offer this course to support students in mending the mindset in the legal field with extensive knowledge and fully-developed curriculum.

Integrated ( Judiciary and Law Optional )

In Integrated Course all the disciplines are instructed as a judiciary foundation course. We start from the basic level and slowly raise standards to advance level. Top-Notch study material is provided during the institute’s classroom courses with special attention to every student, we focus to succeed.

Course Duration
Judicial Regular Courses 10-11 Months
Judicial Weekend Courses 21-22 Months
Integrated (Law Optional & Judiciary ) 12 Months

DLA has Highly experienced Faculty that only focuses to nurture the students with the best knowledge in the field. Our experienced teachers make students comfortable and teach them the best. We focus on quality and superior education. Our teachers are well aware of their subjects. We have the top-notch teachers to nourish the student with proper knowledge

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